More and more women choose to wear nipple piercings. It doesn’t matter if they do it to look better, to be more self-confident or to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and prevent from inverted nipples, the phenomenon is increasing year by year and the technologies used diversify with the demand.

How do pierced nipples work?

Usually, the piercing is placed at the base of the nipple, through its erect part. It shouldn’t affect or touch the areola, in order to avoid any infection or other tissue complications, like mastitis. Generally, piercings nipple is done using a needle or, sometimes, a clamp. Women can put more than one piercing on one nipple, as long as it doesn’t affect her.

What kind of piercings are is most commonly used?

Most women prefer the typical barbells or rings, but almost any kind of jewelry can be used as long as it permits the swelling, otherwise some complications might appear. For example, nipple shields are a great manner to showcase the breasts and are easy to wear beneath clothes or bra.

Is breastfeeding possible with pierced nipples?

Many women avoid piercing nipple because they fear they won’t be able to breastfeed their future babies. Totally wrong as doctors and specialists claim that as long as the jewelry is removed prior to the feeding, there is no reason why things shouldn’t go normally on. Breastfeeding is perfectly safe even if the mother has a pierce in one or both nipples.

Moreover, there are cases when inverted nipples can be corrected by piercings nipple. Thanks to the pierce, the nipples are drawn out and held in a normal position, which can cause the breakage of the connective tissues beneath it and avoid the nipple inversion even when the piercing is removed. However, this issue should be firstly discussed with a doctor or a professional and not done at home, because there is a huge risks of harming tissues and contacting various infections.

Why can’t the piercing nipple be kept during breastfeeding?

No matter what kind of piercing the mother has, as soon as she becomes nursing her baby, it becomes a huge risk of slurping, gagging, poor latch and milk leaking from the child’s mouth.

Not to mention the risk of choking. While the baby sucks, the barbell (for example) might become loose and can easily lodge in the baby’s little throat. Moreover, the gums, the tongue and generally the baby’s smooth mouth can be severely damaged by a piercing.

For these reasons, it’s always better to remove any nipple jewelry before breastfeeding. However, nipple piercings are not as dangerous as thought if inserted correctly and they certainly don’t represent a threaten for a future pregnancy and eventual breastfeeding.